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Cascina Tumas Orta Lake in Pettenasco in the province of Novara in the Piedmont region is an elegant and refined building with 9 holiday flats of various dimensions and fittings as you can see in the descriptions of the different flats below. Minimun stay 2 nights (4 in July and August)

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The family-run establishment allows our guests to feel “at home”, to appreciate the managers’ kindness and helpfulness and guarantees a holiday in a welcoming environment on a human scale. All the flats have got a wonderful and picturesque view on Lake Orta from their balconies fitted with small tables and chairs facing the garden.

Cascina Tumas offers our guests the possibility to moor boats and motorboats in front of the establishment on the way down to the lake, at 4 buoys and in a covered boathouse. Beach mattresses, deckchairs and umbrellas by the lakeside are available for our guests’ moments of relaxation and rest.


CASCINA TUMAS is located in a strategic position from where you can start and discover so many small towns and some big cities nearby such as: Domodossola, Novara, Milan, Turin or the Piedmontese shores of Lake Maggiore where you can visit the beautiful town of Stresa with its 3 famous Borromean Islands or, if you are brave enough, you can try and fly on the ZIPline above Verbania.




Cascina Tumas takes its name from an old farmhouse built at the beginning of the XXth century, a family property which has been restored, refurbished and extended. The biggest flat and the reception are located in this characteristic building; the big stoned walls with the little cross-shaped bricks which were the typical holes for airing the new-mown hay left to dry, have been kept to make our guests breathe the rural atmospheres of the past. From this ancient original complex the other 8 flats have been built on 2 floors. Wood, stone and brick create a special link with the lake environment Cascina Tumas is immersed in which offers our guests quietness and wonderful views. Its exclusive position allows you to reach the most picturesque places on Lake Orta in a short time by car or using the ferry boats which stop in Pettenasco at about 200 metres from our establishment. We recommend you take a nice stroll along the promenade which winds to the right and to the left of the Cascina.

You cannot miss a trip to Orta San Giulio, “the capital” of the lake, with its interesting Sacro Monte area, the main square and the characteristic lanes; to the impressive island of San Giulio in the centre of the lake opposite Orta where the Benedectine monastery Mater Ecclesiae lies; to Gozzano at the southern tip of the lake dominated by its imposing Basilica at the top of a hill, its ancient aristocratic palaces and the Buccione tower of the XII th century; to the stunning sanctuary of Madonna del Sasso built on a white granite spur from where you can admire a breathtaking view over all the lake; to the small cosy hamlets of Pella and Ronco; to the big centre of Omegna at the northern tip of the lake with a nice walk on the lakeshore and a pretty pathway on the Nigoglia canal. You can easily reach also the Mottarone Mount at 1491 metres from whose top, on clear days, it is possible to see 7 lakes, the Italian and Swiss Alps chain, the Mount Rosa group and the plain of the river Po, besides the Strona Valley above Omegna where the famous wooden Pinocchios are still made in some small handicraft factories and the 7 characteristic and picturesque Ossola Valleys which branch off Domodossola on the border with Switzerland.

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Apartment n.1 | Cascina TUMAS

Isola di San Giulio

The small island in the middle of the lake, is easily accessible by staying at Cascina Tumas, through the Lake Orta navigation service that also stops in Pettenasco, 300m from the Cascina. The area of the island is almost entirely occupied by the Benedictine monastery of the cloistered nuns; it is not visitable but the turists can visit the adjoining ancient Romanesque church that contains the remains of the patron San Giulio. A beautiful and quiet walk, in silence and recollection, runs through the ring of the island.

Apartment n.2 | Cascina TUMAS


In front of the San Giulio’s island, Orta mirrors itself in the calm waters of the lake. The small and characteristic village of Orta is a tourist destination for many visitors. From Cascina Tumas you can go to Orta (about 3km far) by car or using the boat that stops 300m from the Cascina.

Apartment n.3 | Cascina TUMAS


The Cascina Tumas’ guests can visit the small village, located on the opposite shore of the lake, in front of Pettenasco. At the entrance of Alpiolo there is the baroque church of San Carlo Borromeo, consecrated in 1590; it was part of the parish of the San Giulio’s island. It was built by the Alpiolo emigrants who went to find the fortune in cities such as Roma or Milano.

Apartment n.4 | Cascina TUMAS


Staying in Cascina Tumas, you can visit this village of about 5000 inhabitants, paying special attention to the many churches and the historic Town Hall. Gozzano is historically and religiously known to be the burial place of the deacon San Giuliano, brother of San Giulio.

Apartment n.5 | Cascina TUMAS


From the windows of Cascina Tumas, you can see Ronco village among the wood on the opposite shore and it is a pleasant place to visit. You can reach the village by walking the paved road that connects it to Pella, surrounded from the woods.

Apartment n.6 | Cascina TUMAS


The small hamlet of Orta is located on the main road that connects Omegna to Gozzano. Set in a quiet and lonely setting, the coast of Imolo, crossed by the tourist who comes in Cascina Tumas, is characterized by a series of ancient and elegant villas and docks, immersed in lush vegetation.

Apartment n.7 | Cascina TUMAS


Oira is a charming hamlet of Nonio, and it is a picturesque conglomerate of characteristic little stone houses and it has an area in front of the lake by a small beach and a small harbour. Located on the opposite coast of Cascina Tumas, Oira is divided in three parts: Villa Inferiore, Villa di Mezzo and Villa Superiore, which conformed as a fortified village around a castle.

Apartment n.8 | Cascina TUMAS


Gianni Rodari's birthplace, Omegna is a quiet town, just 7 km far from Cascina Tumas. Between narrow streets, small squares, panoramic views and little shops, the turists can visit monuments like noble palaces and ancient churches, including the late-roman church of St. Ambrogio that contains the remains of St. Vito martyr, patron of the city. Also noteworthy is the ``Forum`` museum, dedicated to the arts and local industry.

Apartment n.9 | Cascina TUMAS


The village of Pella, on the coast of the lake in front of Cascina Tumas, is a charming small village, equipped with a pleasant walk along the shore and other interesting attractions to visit: the washhouse, the ancient tower, the old bridge of the 16th century and the San Filiberto complex, at the entrance to the town, dating back to the 11th century. Above the village of Pella stands the cliff of Madonna del Sasso, from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Orta.

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